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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. megamillions mania right now. as millions line up across the country for a chance at half a billion dollars. up to 1 million tickets sold an hour. millions asking, what if i win? i would go straight to the 99-cent store and blow their mind. this video. zimmerman's father speaks out for the first time. >> reporter: the flightening moments. was ate manic attack or something far more severe.
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prank call. justin bieber's big backfire. the star tweets out her number. now her phone is ringing off the hook. >> justin, oh, my god, call me back. i love you. >> how this tough-talking grandma is taking on the biebs right now. hellhello, everyone. that grandmother giving a finger wag. a lot to get to this morning. including what could be a dramatic piece of evidence. a new video of george zimmerman at the police station just about 40 minutes or so after the incident, it's raising real questions about his side of the story right now. people watching that video closely. another video, as well, that is causing a parenting storm. alicia silverstone posting
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footage of how she's feeding her baby boy. it's causing a dust-up right now. let's begin with the lottery fever. so much of america catching it right now. tickets for the mega millions lottery going strong on sale. >> reporter: people have been coming out here all morning for a chance at the biggest prize in american history. a really long time. this is not mega millions. it's megamania. >> thank you. >> reporter: the lottery tells us they're selling as many as 1 million tickets an hour. >> dreams. it only takes one dollar. >> reporter: the dreams now dreamt from new york -- >> i'm going to pay off my brother's mortgage, my sister's mortgage.
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>> reporter: kansas -- >> early retirement. >> vacation. >> reporter: people lining up everywhere for their shot. >> you gotta be kidding me. >> reporter: just how much is $500 million? you would afford this insanely pricy ferrari, 1600 of them. that's nearly five miles' worth. your chances of winning are one in 176 million. to put that in perspective, if you circled the equator, buying a ticket every single mile, you would have to circle the globe 7,000 times to guarantee victory. the most cautious characters know you have to play to win. >> there they are. we'll see. >> i would go straight to the 99
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cents store and blow their mind. >> reporter: by buying 25 tickets, you increased your odds. they're 1 in 7 million. that's seven times worse than getting struck by lightning. >> 25 tickets? >> $25. i bought an ice cream cone, so the trip wasn't a waste. >> i think that's the better deal. we turn to the latest on the trayvon martin shooting. and the brand new police surveillance video. that man is george zimmerman, being brought to the police station in handcuffs that night. the video raising questioning now about his side of the story. matt gutman still in sanford, florida, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that video takes us into the police station behind me, barely 30 minutes after george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. there appear to be no sers injuries on him.
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we've gone over the tape multiple times. no blood on the face, the back of hi head, or his shirt. this video shows george zimmerman entering the police department at 7:54, minutes after he shot and killed trayvon martin. zimmerman is cuffed, hands behind his back. these are the first images of zimmerman since the shooting. zimmerman said martin attacked him, cold cocking him and slamming his head on the ground. in the police report, it said zimmerman was bleeding from the back of his head and nose. in the video, the police officer is wiping something off the jacket. the video is grainy. it's hard to find signs of blood. >> trayvon martin walked up to him, asked him, do you have a
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[ bleep ] problem? george said, i don't have a problem. >> reporter: overnight, this man was interviewed in shadow, identified as george zimmerman's father. >> george said, no, i don't have a problem. and started reaching for his cell phone. at that point, he was punched in the nose. and martin said something to the effect of you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight. >> reporter: martin's 16-year-old girlfriend was on the phone with him just before he was shot. >> the only thing trayvon told that man was why are you following me? >> reporter: many people expresses outrage. >> it's a tragedy and a shame. >> reporter: it appears to be opening a national conversation on race. addressed overnight in an abc news town hall by robin roberts.
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>> the best way to protect young men and women of color is to stop the profiling, stop the judgment. that requires a truthful dialogue, like we're having now. >> reporter: we spoke to martin's family over night. they said this video is the shoeking gun. robin? >> matt, thank you. we bring in legal analyst dan abrams. is this the smoking gun? we're told he was beaten up. the video don't appear to show that. >> it's a significant piece of evidence. the authorities have had this. they've seen it. they know it. i think in lar in the court of public opinion, among those who have been inclined to believe zimmerman, this could be a game-changer. suddenly, his defense of, my nose was broken. i think that was an important one. we can't see everything on this
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video. but there's nothing to indicate that that was the case. and so, i do think this becomes very significant in particular in the national debate, and i think it will be significant as the authorities and the state authorities and the federal authorities look into this case. >> and the timeline is important. as matt said, it was barely half an hour after the killing. >> that's right. you would expect to see something. we were talking to the professor about what to expect from a broken nose, either blood or swelling. some indication that his nose was broken. this is definitely significant. both in terms of the investigation and -- >> we're waiting for the grand jury. is this something they would show to the grand jury? >> unclear. for grand juries, you don't need to show all the evidence. in a high-profile case, you want
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to cover your bases and show everything. this is kind of proving what zimmerman is saying. a grand jury will probably see something like this. now to the latest in the jetblue captain who went berserk and tried to bring down his flight from new york to vegas. dan harris is here with more. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning. we know this incident was worse and scarier than we first thought. the pilot's friends are calling it totally out of character, pilot osbon is in a hospital and could face charges that would land him in prison for up to 20 years. the runup to this meltdown, captured on this video obtained by cnn, began before the jetblue flight took off from jfk airport. the captain showed up late and
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missed the crew briefing. he wasn't acting strangely at first. as the flight took off, he allegedly turned to the first officer and began a series of incoherent statements about being evaluated by someone. next, he yelled over the radio the air traffic control and instructed them to be quiet, turning off the radio, dimming the monitors, and turns to the first officer and delivering a sermon about sins in vegas. >> no wonder he was in great degree of concern. no wonder he took the steps he did. this is exactly what we want a first officer to do. >> reporter: 3 1/2 hours into the flight, he left the cockpit. he dprabed a flight attendant's happened and banged on the lavatory door. he was making comments about 150 souls on board and tried to
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force his way into the cockpit, which the first officer had locked. that's when passengers jurned in to restrain him. in his hometown in georgia, friends say he was fun-loving. >> if you don't know clayton, don't be judging him by what you see on tv. >> reporter: he's been obsessed with flying since he was a little kid. his stepmother released a statement overnight saying the last time she spoke to him, he was happy and upbeat, like he always is. george, back to you. let's bring in dr. richard besser. you heard the description. happy. he always is. no history as far as we know of mental illness. jetblue called it a panic attack. it had to be more serious. >> this doesn't sound like panic attack. you'll see a sudden onset of
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intense fear that something is happening to you personally. you're concerned about your own safety. you don't have delusions. the experts i talked to are thinking about an acute psychotic break. you have a disconnect from reality. you can have hallucinations, aggressive behavior. >> you enter a completely different world. what can cause it? >> it depends on the age. we don't know his history. in someone who is 49, everyone i've talked to said a reaction to a drug. a prescribed drug or an illegal drug. >> it could explain why he was disoriented from the beginning of the day. >> that's right. add to that loss of sleep or dehydration. the second thing is manic depression, bipolar disorder. maybe something not diagnosed or
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something he didn't want people to know about. >> some accounts say it could be linked to brain tumor. >> way, way down on the list, they'll look for that. something inside the head, a brain tumor, a stroke, a nuance, a seizure problem. that could cause it. >> what are doctors looking at? >> his urine, his blood, test it for drugs. check his blood for problems in terms of blood sugar, any metabolic and chemistry problems in his blood. they're going to do a scan to make sure nothing is doing on in his head. and a detailed history. now to josh and the rest of the news. breaking news in the last two hours. word that man is taken into police custody in philadelphia after trying to board a flight to san francisco carrying a bottle of explosive liquid.
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he told authorities he fooled around with the materials forgot he had them in the backpack. the bomb squad is analyzing the backpack. we'll have nor information for you as it becomes available. we turn to colorado. one of the newest images of the massive fire burning southwest of denver. it's only 15% contained. a picture of utter devastation. more than two dozen homes destroyed. at least two people have been killed. conditions there are so dry, the state has banned routine controlled burns set to reduce wildfire risks. and dramatic looks at one family's escape from the flames. we'll hear from them in the next hour. the drought conditions across the west may only get worse. a major report from the u.n. says climates are here to stay and in most cases will worsen.
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the u.n. panel says all nations should act immediately for a rash of costly disasters. a story of uncommon sacrifice from afghanistan this morning. a rhode island soldier gave his life to save a young girl. he was on patrol when his convoy came across several children in the road. he helped move them. one girl ran back into the path of a 16-on the army truck. weikel pushed her out of the way just in time. he was struck and killed. dennis weikel was 29 years old. his fiance and three children will we receive the bronze star in his memory. and a photograph taken by miles morgan. he got within one foot of the
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lava flow. his shoes and part of his tripod melted. that rainbow forms when fire meets water the. >> have you been there? i have. it's stunning. stunning to be there. >> spectacular. >> magma. i'm heading on vacation. what do i care? sam, sam, you wanted it. >> i was going to do it if you didn't. we have pictures to show you. this is in kansas. we had more than a 4.25-inch hailstone in madison, kansas. big hail is the issue today. des moines, kansas city. just outside of oklahoma city, we think you're a little bit south of the strongest storms. isolated tornadoes are possible.
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>> coming up in the next half hour, all of america's weather. we have to talk about the northwestern rain situation. more than 8 inches possible in the next 48 hours in places that have already gotten 11 to 17 inches of rain. it will be a big problem. >> they don't need it. now to the biebs, justin bieb bieber. the superstar finding out the hard way that you don't mess with texas. he could face a lawsuit from several dallas residents that haven't had any peace since bieber tweeted a phone number similar to theirs. ♪ i just need somebody to love >> reporter: for one texas greatgrandmother, the only soun is this sound. [ phone ringing ] >> reporter: for the last three
7:19 am
weeks, this 81-year-old's phone is ringing off the hook. her voice mail is full of giggling girls. ♪ i love you so much and i want to have your babibiey to have your babibieies ♪ >> i think it's pathetic. >> reporter: he tweeted call me right now, and 214, and the rest of the number with the last digit as a question mark. >> justin, oh, my god, call me back. >> someone said, have have your number changed. i said, i've had this number since 1966. >> reporter: she did change her outgoing message. >> this is not justin bieber's phone number. >> reporter: this dallas man's number is almost identical, too.
7:20 am
>> they said, is this justin bieber. i was getting three calls a second. >> reporter: he hired an attorney and is consideringbieb. now, look out. this great grandmother has hired an attorney she would like an apology, oh, and concert tickets for her great-granddaughter. >> reporter: "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> i love it. making oodles of money. >> come on, biebs, not hard to say you're sorry on that one. coming up, the unbelievably shocking details of the murder mystery with the vermont teacher. police now revealing the chilling twist. and lottery fever. is there a secret to winning half a billion dollars?
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. and happy thursday we are getting closer to the weekend. 51 right now in churchville. 53 in elkton and your bashan at 53 pu but the big story is it's
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breezy and will be windy into the afternoon. gusts about 22 miles an hour in churchville and elkton 25. 21 urbana and more of the same into the afternoon. gustier and we have a nice shot of the harbor this morning and we will be seeing plenty of sunshine in the forecast for today. make sure to get out and enjoy. let's check the traffic with angela good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. traveling in oatington extra caution -- owing to -- odenton. heavy in the 6:lune hundred hour but -- 6:00. north of the beltway on the southwest side, no delays or he very light flow of traffic. and on the north side of 695, a little bit heavy but not moving at a bad pace past har foreroad. now over to you. thanks so much and good morning. baltimore city fire crews are on the scene of a building fire. the fire in the 400 block of east biddle street. we have a crew on the scene
7:28 am
andcrews have gotten inside but have been order out because they are fighting it from the outside. we will bring you details as soon as they become available and, of course, you can find them on no criminal charges have been filed against five councils who retrained a 17 -year-old in 2007. isaiah simmons died after being restrained at bollingbrook school. prosecutors dropped the charges because the main detective in the case is being investigated. his family obviously very disappointed in the news. we are out of time. now back to new york for "good morning america. have a great day and we will have another update with weather and traffic in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪ when i'm a billionaire lottery fever sweeping the country. it's been 18 straight drawings with no winner. now it's $500 million. you to need more luck to win? two past winners are here live with their secrets. we're sharing ours. >> we might share them in a little bit. not until after the drawing. ahead, this video is causing a whel lot of controversy. we're seeing alicia silverstone feeding her son by chewing the food first and feeding him like a baby bird. some people don't agree. >> according to my twitter
7:31 am
account, people are not liking it. and staying classy. will ferrell playing the flute there. we have to begin with a serious turn in the horrific murder of a single mom in vermont. police have arrested a husband and wife team. melissa jenkins lost her life trying to be a good samaritan. this just breaks your heart. >> reporter: it does. this morning, that married couple is behind bars facing second-degree murder charges and possibly life in prison. the woman in this case didn't stand by her man. she actually help pd commit and cover up a cold-hearted murder. this is the husband and wife they say brutally murdered melissa jenkins. >> they knew miss jenkins and
7:32 am
had snow-plowed her driveway a couple of years ago. >> reporter: what allegedly was intended to be a sexual encounter sunday night went wrong. according to court documents, allen prue wanted to get a girl. his wife then allegedly called jenkins saying they needed help, luring her to this rural road with a phony story. jenkins 2-year-old son was this the backseat. left all alone after the prues dragged off his mother. >> she was placed in the prue vehicle. mrs. prue turned around and continued to strangle her to make sure miss jenkins was dead. >> reporter: court documents say she called a friend because she was uncomfortable. >> we're entering pleas of not guilty on both accounts.
7:33 am
>> reporter: police say, patricia prue denies any involvement. according to her husband, they tack here back to their house, stripped her of her clothes, wrapped her body in a tarp and dumped it along the connecticut river. the body was severely bruised, face down in shallow water. her feet bound with rope and tied to a cement block. the couple pleaded not guilty. >> my brother would never do anything like this. >> reporter: the arrest brings a mix of relief and sadness to this close-knit community, now left grieving. and we're learning new details about what jenkins 2-year-old son witnessed that night. police say he said mommy was crying. he gestured by pulling at the back of his neck, saying that's what a boy did to his mommy. >> my goodness.
7:34 am
so much evidence here. the judge denied bail. i was surprised to see the charges are only second degree murder. >> so am i. i have to believe that will change at some point. you have two possible theories. premeditation. they said they're luring her. what more premeditation would you need? and secondly, one of the prosecutors said they believe there was some motive regarding sexual assault. and again, if it's done in the context of -- >> there is so evidence of that as well. >> that's another theory by which you can get a first degree murder. you have to wonder if they're trying to get one of them to turn on the other, starting with the lower charges. i don't know they need to cut a deal with anyone. they may have enough evidence to move forward. the wife is suggesting she didn't have anything to do with the murder. we have seen these couples
7:35 am
experiences before. it brings up all the horrific memories. >> remember, spousal privilege. we talk about this a lot. the ability of one spouse to say, my spouse can't testify against me, doesn't apply in a case like this. when the two of them are charged with a crime together. very often in these kinds of cases, the authorities try to get one to testify against the other. get one to provide the details. of how it happened. cut them a slightly better deal. and then, go for broke, so to speak, on the one they believe is more culpable. maybe we see that in a case like this. >> but as i said at the start, there seems to be so much evidence piling up. >> you have his confession. but as you point out, maybe she's going to say, no, that's not what happened. maybe she'll say she was forced. if she were to claim she was
7:36 am
forced, that is a situation where they might try to make a deal with her to testify against him. we'll have to see. but it does not make sense to me that in the long run, at least one of them will -- won't be charged with a higher crime. >> dan, thanks. we'll see you later on with kelly. >> yeah, hosting with kelly ripa. looking forward to it. down to the temperatures trend in new england. 51 in new york. it will be 38, 39 by tonight. a chilly night. by saturday morning, maybe some mountain snow going on in new england. a little mix in boston. 36 for tonight's low. get ready for the falling temperatures. the heavy rain into the northwest. there's been days and days of soaking rain. look at the bull's eye here. this is the heaviest rain. it's about 8 inches possible. they're calling for what they think will be flooding tapped real possibility of mudslides.
7:37 am
here come the temperatures. 75 in denver. jackson, 80. gorgeous in orlando. atlanta, 82. the p >> all of america's weather was brought to you by burlington coat factually. coming up two of the biggest lottery winners ever. they're going reveal their secrets for scoring the winning ticket.
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♪ when i'm a millionaire so many of us have lotto fever this morning. who wouldn't with a nearly half billion-dollar bajackpot on the line? we have two former winners here. richard lustig has won seven times. cynthia stafford, you won how much? >> $112 million. >> $112 million. richard, nothing shabby. thank you both. we're having fun with it.
7:42 am
richard, you have literally written a book about this. >> i have. it's called "learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery." i'm teaching people how to play the lottery to have a chance to win. >> what are some suggestions? >> one regarding the jackpot. don't have lottery fever. don't spend a whole bunch of money you can't afford to spend. there will be a lot more losers saturday morning than winners. yes, buy tickets. otherwise you don't have a chance. but figure out your budget, stay within it. so saturday morning, you're not a winner, you don't have to figure out how to pay it back. >> you say don't play quick picks. >> don't play quick picks. >> that's so easy. >> people say, what do you mean, don't play quick picks. have you won yet? she did. >> did you? she won $112 million. >> i understand what he's
7:43 am
saying. yeah, to me, there's -- two ways of winning. quick-pick it or choose numbers. >> didn't you choose numbers? >> no, i chose the amount i wanted to win. that was it. >> what do you mean? >> i visualized it. i kind of did a meditation and $112 came to me. and i said, that's what i'll go for. it happened on mother's day, 2007. >> you pictured yourself, what you were going to be wearing and the whole bit? >> yeah. >> how has it changed your life? >> it changed my life tremendously. i was able to do the things that i have always wanted. i travel often. >> mm-hmm. >> don't shop as often as i used to. because i'm busy with my business. i have a good time. i have a good time. >> and you were able to create a business that you have dreamed of doing. >> yes, yes. i created a production company.
7:44 am
me and my dad were always watching films say, what if, what if. i said, one day, we'll have that. i have a production company. three movies so far. >> see there. i heard you're a generous person to begin with. it's great to hear a good story because you hear the other side, people that win big -- >> absolutely. so many unfortunate stories of people who win a large jackpot. they are not used to having that money, they spend it all and then all of a sudden, they're broke. i say, get financial help. you win a large amount of money, get an accountant, a lawyer, a financial adviser. put money away and then go out and buy the talking dog. >> you did that first? >> i did. absolutely. >> how often do you play? >> every single day. >> really? >> because i keep winning.
7:45 am
i follow my method. >> and cynthia, how often do you play? >> once or twice a month. i play a dollar or two. i won with a $2 ticket. >> you give us hope. you say visualize holding the $500 million ticket. does that work? i don't know. does it work? >> it worked for me. >> does it work? i don't know if i have that top. but i'll go get one. that's what i visualize. we're having fun with it because you should. don't take it too seriously. don't break the bank. your final word? >> yes. because there will be a lot more losers than winner. >> you two are two big winners in more than one way. thank you. >> thank you for having us on. you can see more on a special "20/20." coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and the hollywood "it"
7:46 am
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take a bath. and when baby doesn't want to take a bath, baby's leaving. through the car park, as one of the colleagues said this morning. right out the gate and on to the streets. >> oh! >> that's -- we have seen that movie before. it ended well. they got baby back. >> baby got back? what? >> lots and lots of back. >> and nobody puts baby in the corner. >> it's going to be one of those day. here's another. here's another approach, though, to avoiding bath time. take a look at this guy. unlike baby. he's -- i'm not going. you can't make me go. you're going to drag me. i'm not going. >> oh. >> aw. >> poor thing. >> double jointed. >> sometimes these dogs just
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and coming up on "good morning america," amazing "gma" "deals and steals." great treats for easter. that and more when we come back. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. happy thursday to you. temperatures right now falling a bit. 56 in baltimore. 57 in easton but the temperatures are still quite mild. as we go throughout the day, temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. the winds are going to play big factor once again. out of the northwest at about 10 to 20 miles an hour right now. sustained and then we will get gusts up to 30,35 miles an hour. a bit of a blustery day on tap. the cold front slides through
7:57 am
and high pressure builds in and area of low pressure departing and the difference between the two that's where we are getting the windy conditions from. and future trend picking up on plenty of sunshine for today. mixing with some clouds and i am going with 62 degrees as we go into four. and then by your 7-day forecast, well temperatures look like they will stay in the 60s. but monday we could squeak out 70 with more showers in the forecast next week. let's check the traffic with angela good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. we are getting reports of slow traffic in the city behind the fire activity on biddle street and brentwood abe. -- avenue you may want to avoid the area if you can. seeing more heavy traffic on the inner loop of 695. here's a live look at 695 in green spring avenue. inner loop to the right side of the screen. that heavy traffic picks up as you get closer to the 83. in the meantime traveling on i- 95, heavy traffic coming in from bel air now. you are on the brakes off and on through the rosedale region
7:58 am
allive look at 95 north of white marsh boulevard where you are on the brakes to the top side of the beltway and heading into downtown. back in 30 minutes with another update in the meantime, keep it on abc2 news.con. [ female announcer ] michelle's allergies are becoming an issue. [ dog yelps ] [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] what can she do?
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8:00 am
♪ let's go to the beach let's go get a wave ♪ moving. grooving. shaking. outside. and inside. happy birthday. that is deejay pauly d. he's spinning for us live. >> good music, good friends. let's do it. >> what tan. >> always. always. >> i haven't seen him up close in a long time. >> yeah, you know it.
8:01 am
turn down the music. we have to talk about this video. alicia silverstone feeding her son. >> oh, no. >> she's going in for the feed. >> oh, no, we're all looking away. >> what is that called again? birding? >> it's partially masticating. >> pardon? >> yes, exactly. >> does anyone have a blender. that would work, wouldn't it? wouldn't that work? >> i'm with sam. >> more questions than answers. >> this story will have people talking. and hollywood heart break. jennie garth and pete e er faccinelli. we have "deals and steals" just for you. everything you need for a great easter holiday.
8:02 am
and more of my interview with julia roberts. she opened up more about her kids. we learn about the actress who awes her the most. we have news from josh. we're following it for you. man under arrest trying to board a plane with explosives. pierre thomas is here with the latest. >> reporter: the details just coming in. a 29-year-old man was taken into police custody for trying to board a flight to san francisco this morning for carrying a bottle filled with explosives. he was care wing three fireworks. he said he was fooling around with the materials and forgot they were in the backpack. agents are running a background check. authorities are checking him to see if he had another item that could have allowed him to make a powerful device. for now, the bomb squad is
8:03 am
analyzing the items seized. now the an abc news exclusive. the first video of george zimmerman in police custody minutes after the trayvon martin shooting. you see him entering the police department, hands cuffed behind his back. the images sho no apparent signs of blood. it would seem to contradict his allegation that martin slam his head on the ground. zimmerman's father spoke out overnight. he defend td his son, insooising he's color blind when it comes to race. the massive fire in colorado is only 15% con tand. it's blamed for at least two deaths. listen to the video here shot pi one family trying to escape. >> where's mom. what's she stopping for?
8:04 am
daddy. >> there sit. right here right here. >> that family of five made to it safety by following a neighbor. eye-opening new research on cancer. death rates are declining but doctors still say smoking is responsible for one-third of all cancer cases. the most troubles number, obesity and lack of exercise also contributes to one-third of the cases. today, they'll be touring the last factory that makes the filler pink slime to remind consumers that the beef trim trimings are safe. they say hundreds of jobs are going to be lost in pink slime is no longer made. now here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> the people who make what the critics call pink slime are
8:05 am
defending the product. jim avila is flying to nebraska to ask them tough questions. you'll see his report tonight on "world news." >> looking forward to it. finally, most newborns get a few minutes alone with mom and dad. not these baby bald eagles in iowa. every move streaming online live right now. 2 of the 3 eggs laid last night have hatched. parents an exclusive item since 2007. they've successfully hatched and fledged 11 eaglets. we're waiting on egg number tlotlo three. >> how about some pop news? i'm going try to break a record. do it with the most puns ever. ready? my record is six. here we go. if i told you that aerosmith was
8:06 am
releasing a new album, you would say, dream on, you're crazy. but i'm not. they're living on the edge, announcing they're going to release their next album. listen up, you'll need to walk this way to the record store this summer. that's when the album is out. a lot of sweet emotion. it almost didn't happen. will it be amazing? will it make you want love in an elevator? it's hard 20 gto get dude lookse a lady in but i just did. >> wow. >> ten. >> i didn't see that. nice. >> actually. standing up. >> right there. i have to get to the next one. so much to tell you. next story, something i have known for a good time. if we women want a good meal, we should have our husbands make
8:07 am
it. 6 of 10 women will admit their husband is beater cook than they are. almost 3,000 women were interviewed. nearly 60% said their husbands were the culinary connoisseurs. some women said they can't make a scrambled egg. this will make you happy. big news for "anchorman" fans. not talking about george. ron burgundy. ron burgundy is back. >> it's official. there will be -- there will be a sequel to "anchorman." there will be a sequel. gentlemen? >> so good. jazz flute and all, will ferrell crashed "conan" last night. he'll pair up with judd apatow and some of his other
8:08 am
colleagues. no details on when it will be out. >> i'm like, give me the flute? >> why did they give you a recorder, too? the flute, but the recorder? >> thank you. >> i knit this myself. >> thank you, josh. lovely. nice color. can i -- >> it's a fun movie. >> it's very exciting. you can do musical accompaniment. this next story is good news for someone we know. r.r. getting some r. and r. next week. robin roberts going on vacation. who can we get to guest host? a special thing. i don't want to be the only girl around here. we have to find somebody with news chops, somebody who can handle it. someone who's done this before. >> anyone perky? >> that wm rigoman right there,e
8:09 am
couric! >> she has to dust off her alarm clock. >> how many years has it been? >> i think six, something like that. >> it's going to be so fun. >> i -- when you're descending back into this life, two clocks. >> i'm going to be watching. these are my feet. i'm going to be watching in bed. >> 597:00? >> i'll dvr it. good afternoon, america. we're thrilled to have katie. >> we'll miss you. you deserve it. >> i got "50 shades of grey" all packed. >> i cannot wait. i love that show. "good morning america," i never miss it. tell me your names. >> karen. >> and diane. >> the wicked sisters love sam and josh. what a great -- what a great sign. >> we do. we love you. >> and oddly, there's josh now. >> hey!
8:10 am
>> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. we want to show you chicagoland. a good day shaping up today. a line of strong storms that will get there late tonight. here's the system moving to the middle of the country. this kicked off so many reports of hailstones yesterday. likely you'll see more today. carry on your conversation. >> how long are you in town for? >> i'll just stay. look at minneapolis. 83 on sunday. >> sam, what do you say,
8:11 am
>> all right. that's a look from times square. now time to go back to -- >> lara! >> thank you. here's a look at what else we have coming up. it's the video everyone is talking about. alicia silverstone feeding her baby boy like a bird. is it healthy? and jennie garth talking about her breakup. what was behind the split. and great deals and steals ahead for easter. stay with us for that. and finally paul y d in the house. spinning for us all morning long. don't miss it. ♪ this is the part of me thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany.
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i thought we were going to play a little deejay pauly d.
8:16 am
now to the video that alicia silverstone put up on her blog. she's playing mama bird to her baby boy. it's sparked debate and health questions. bianna golodryga is here to help answer some of them. >> i don't think i'm thinking about doing this. good morning, robin. there's a term for the act of prechewing food. it's called premastication. it occurs in other cultures. it is not a common practice here. what happens when a hollywood starlet admits to doing it? it sparked chatter and gagging. it's a beautiful, not to mention natural moment this the wiin th. sexy movie star alicia silverstone posted this to her blog, sheing her chewing food
8:17 am
for her 10-month-old son, bear. the vegan and new mom saying i had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish. yum, i fed bear the a little bit from my mouth to his. it's his favorite and mine. he crawls across the room to attack my mouth if i'm eat ppg is she clueless? >> oh, as if. >> reporter: mommy message board is going skraz zi. some saying it's stomach churning and at worst, flat-out gross. >> there's so tolerance. once people see the video, there's some question. you get into the whole mouth kisses thing. people get uncomfortable. it just looks funny. >> reporter: we talked so a few bloggers via skype.
8:18 am
>> i think a lot of moms do that. there was a time between the food processer. i think in that time, moms chewed you hachew ed up mom's baby's food. >> reporter: it made no sense for you the repeat what they were doing? >> exactly. >> reporter: the practice of prechewing has medical critics too. the mouth is one of the body's dirtiest places. it can trance mitt diseases like hiv and strep. even tooth decay. >> some mothers could put kids at risk for cavity iies if they have a certain bacteria in their mouth. >> reporter: there's still thattthat ick factor. and while most experts say the
8:19 am
risk of passing on a serious disease is low, it can disrupt a child's developmental process, they're just starting to learn to chew for themselves. to have mom do it -- >> everyone is trying to do the best a think can. sam suggested a blender. >> that's one way to go it. >> have you had breakfast yet? >> no. when are you due? >> i know, i know. come on. >> it's great. >> i'm ready. thank you. and now a rare glichmpse inside the breakdown of a celebrity marriage. when jennie garth and peter faccinelli broke up, it appeared to be a mutual decision. garth now says it's not the case. here's a look at the couple. one of the cutest couples in hollywood. married for 11 years with three beautiful daughters.
8:20 am
totally inseparable. they call themselves the faccinelli five. >> if you think ah i'm a supd love-sick teenager making a fool of misyself tell me. >> reporter: they're divorcing. >> people were surprised that they're splitting. they're likely to be more surprised that jennie is being candid in saying that peter is the one that wanted the divorce. >> reporter: recent pictures showed a serious looking garth out shopping with peter and the girls. garth admits she didn't want to it end. i tried everything i could to save our marriage. i was very resistant. i didn't want it to happen. >> when peter found success with the "twilight" films, for the first time, he had more fame than she did. it appears that maybe the fame affected him differently than it had affected her in the prime of her career. >> reporter: she says there was
8:21 am
jealousy over having to see her husband on screen with another woman. despite couples therapy, they grew apart. garth said, of course i wish he would have wanted to try harder, try again, try something else. on the cusp of her 40th birthday, she's saying, quote, i have never been this stressed in my life. it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest. >> in the end, peter, jennie, and their therapist came together to tell the girls. jennie couldn't do any talking. peter and the therapist did most of it. jennie just held their daughters while they cried. >> peter denies rumors of affair. jennie says she believes that. they still do play dates as a family. i'm out here for "deals and steals." with tory.
8:22 am
deejay pauly d is going play throughout our segment. >> you have to go to for the links. you have to act today. mainly today only while supplied last. >> let's start with the kax. >> guilt cakes. the most incredible cakes in nen. they is cakes from david's cookies. carrot cake. the most unbelievable lemon cake. >> what is that? >> absolutely delicious lemon cake. a lemon tart. these petit fours. >> they're good. >> delicious. all exclusively for easter. check out the prices. regularly $40 to $50. you'll serve 10 to 16. slashing it in half, $20 to $25.
8:23 am
five-cent shipping. >> five cents? >> yes. the cake lasts six months in the freezer. think ahead, mother's day, hostess gifts. >> julia baker. >> she has an incredible chocolate company in scottsdale, arizona. elton john's favorite chocolates. there's a really beautiful selection. the big favorite around caramel. >> they're inside dancing. >> so julia baker. it's tha isn't that amazing?
8:24 am
slashed in half. she's an amazing amazing chocolatier. >> really, really good. oh, boy. something to take home today. >> check out the names. harper. a little teddy bear with a bunny outfit. and on the baskets themselves, harper and elliott. it comes with the hacandy and t names. >> who is maxwell? >> margo's baby. you have to get my boss's baby out here. the prices are amazing. regularly $20 to $25, already a good price. personalization is an extra $1.50. we're slashing the prices in half. comes in colors for boys and girls.
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8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar apartment forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. happy thursday to you. temperatures in aberdeen 52 degrees. shadyside coming in at 56 and 51 in sykesville. temperatures are mild this morning. but, the winds oh, yes it's very gusty out there with the wind gusting up to 25 miles oop hour in aberdeen 20 shadyside and 22 in sykesville. we will see plenty of sunshine going throughout the day and you can see that in annapolis. not a whole lot of clouds. we will see the clouds off and on but sunshine will be the name of the game. let's he check the traffic with and l.a. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. traveling through ellicott city it's going to be a tough drive
8:28 am
on i-70 eastbound 70 blocking a couple lanes. as you approach 695 with an accident, if you get to 29 in the eastbound direction you may want to hop off there. this is going to be after 29 but on your approach to 695. and speak of 695, our slowest drive is on the top side look live at harford road. charley over to you. the brother of rick santorum is holding a campaign rally. dan santorum is going to be discussing president obama's health care reform law and effect on small business. that rally is 10 this morning and in frederick. on facebook new ingredient in the strawberry frappuccinoo made by starbucks. a report shows that ingredient gives it the pink color is made from crushed insects. we want to let you know on facebook and down load the abc2 app for ipad and iphone. broadcast and cable magazine we
8:29 am
were mentioned as one of the best new apps. abc2 news app on ipad and ipad. back with weather and traffic in a bit.
8:30 am
♪ pauly d, good morning america this morning for a great crowd out here in times square. you guys are hot today. it's fantastic. >> don't think you're off that hook with brunch with these two over here. "the jersey shore" star is here. he's headed to his own show. "the pauly d project." from around the world, starting here in times square.
8:31 am
>> it's the idea of what it is to walk through life with a sound track. not bad. >> and who else is here? >> we have wolfgang puck and his sous chef, his son, oliver in the house. making a great springtime dish. >> great to see you. and yes, oliver, you really are on tv. that is coming up. we're going to begin with julia roberts. her new movie, "mirror, mirror" is coming out. she opened up about the three kids and what they're learning about mom, the megamovie star.a evil queen. she takes us to an incredible snow white fantasy world. her three children were along for the ride. your three kids were there a lot
8:32 am
of the time. they hid under your skirt? >> i had dresses so big. they could id under there. probably hair and makeup, too. >> reporter: the film puts a smart aleck twist on the fairy tale. >> there was a girl there. the black hair. i think she's the most beautiful woman in the whoeld world. do you know her? ivory skin, plaque hair? >> her hair is not plaque, it's raven. she's 18 years old. her skin has never seen the sun. of course it's good. >> you said this is the first time your kids put together what you do. >> it's a good time to make this movie. kids at their school are mentioning it. or they see posters. we have had a couple of conversations that have gone very naturally and easily. it's not anything that is coming as a huge shock or bringing up a lot of questions.
8:33 am
they're just sort of inquiring. it's making a little bit of sense. since they were there the whole time, the sets were so beautiful, they thought it was a play. so finn said, oh, they turned the play into a movie. >> they must no snow white, right? >> the disney snow white is pretty scary. >> bring back her heart. >> that is one scary witch. i'm the funny one. we have read all the fairy tales. >> i have a daughter with my wife's good humor. your kids are getting your funny gene. >> they get smart from their dad, funny from me. together, it's making them clever funny. >> reporter: and in "mirror, mirror" she gets to show off that funny gene. you went rogue a lot. >> i felt like it was the only way to do it for me.
8:34 am
when they brought nathan lane in as my man valet, i thought, let's bo for it now that he's here. he's so funny and clever. >> the royal taxes have been stolen. >> by whom? >> bandits. >> uh-huh. band its. >> you're going to be working with meryl streep soon? >> did i show my panic? yes, it's a dream. well, it's meryl streep. >> she's just the top. >> she is. she's the -- the perfection of all kind of artistic attempts. she's everything in one -- >> she really does move you. >> and she's a great human being. the combination of getting to know her better as a person and watching her unravel a very
8:35 am
complex intense character. for that, i can't wait. >> you worked with her taur, grace, and i read that she made you feel better about raising children in a reflected spotlight. >> she was one of my students in larry crown. one day, the kids were there. and she was watching then and we were hanging out and chatting. when the kids left, she came over and said, seeing you with your kids, it reminded me of when i was little and visited my mom at work. suddenly, i thought, here's a great point of view. i said, what was that like? when did you know your mom was meryl streep and how did you discover it? i started picking her brain. in the end, she seemed happy. >> she turned out great. >> she remembered it fondly. that gave me great comfort. >> everyone out here wanted to meet julia roberts, too. i got one problem.
8:36 am
pauly d's music is not loud enough. pauly, crank it up. a little bit louder. come on, "gma," a little bit louder. step back from your television sets. there you go. ♪ there you go. there you go. you guys moving? all right, let's get to the boards. now we've got you awake. one or two things we have to tell you about. beautiful pictures going on. we thank you for that. you're fast with the twitter pics. into the northwest, not the nicest situation. it's been a rough several days. it will be at least another 48 hours with the heavy rain. in comes the strong to severe storms today. a little pause for some music. ♪
8:37 am
>> having pauly here is like having a little jay-z in the house. george? getting ready for his new show. what was that? and wolfgang puck here too. we'll be right back. >> you never know on "gma." [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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8:40 am
♪ get crazy, get loud you know the song, right? pauly d, with possibly the most famous hair style in the world. he's gymed, tanned, and laundried his way into our life. he's chasing his treatment to become a big-time deejay. >> i'm a small town boy from rhode island. i live in the same house with my dad. my mom lives five minutes away. i used to scratch your turntables. "jersey shore" made me famous. now it's time to show the world
8:41 am
what i'm all about. >> and he's here. how is it being on your own? >> it's so exciting. the world is used to seeing me on "jersey shore" with strangers that became my friends. with this show, they get to see where i'm from, see what it's like on a day-to-day basis being a touring deejay. >> is it more real? >> there's no script in the shore. and there's no script on my show either. >> and you're with friends that were with you before you were famous. these are your costars in the show. big jerry, ryan, j rock and who am i missing? b biggie. hey, guys. what will we see with all of you in the new show? >> we all have strong personalities?
8:42 am
>> really? >> it's interesting to see me with friends i grew up with versus strangers. they're a nice bunch of guys. >> wow. oh, wow. >> see. >> sorry if you're eating breakfast. will we see our friends from "the jersey shore "? any cameos? >> vinnie. >> how is the situation with the situation? we talked about it recently, he went through personal struggles with prescription drugs. he's getting help. how is he? >> you know what, i haven't talked to him. i wasn't aware of the problem. i hope he gets well so we can film season six. >> and you'll have him on "the pauly d project"? >> he's not on my show yet. >> what about snook rs? >> no, she's busy.
8:43 am
>> will she be a good mom? >> i think so. she's a caring girl. she puts others before here's. i think the baby is good for her. >> she's also very talented. do you think she'll be able to leave that behind? oh, oh, really? we had to go with that clip? do we think she'll be able to put the partying ways behind? >> she'll be able to juggle both after the baby. >> a big success. a great coup. you opened for britney spears. >> that was amazing. everybody hears about me touring with her. how to they get to live it with me and see what it's like. what was that right? >> that was the best day of my life. who can say that britney spears gave them a lap dance. i can say that how to. i was playing her music my whole life. how to she knows i exist.
8:44 am
>> do you have a work relationship with her? you cowl tour again? >> whyes. >> what is the goal? >> tour, continue deejaying. >> and we'll see serious stuff. a situation that occurred within your family. your dad. >> here's the strongest person i know. he got sick, had a stroke. i stepped up to the plate. i was like, i gotta take care of my father. we got him through rehab. it was a shocker. i love my father. he's doing well. >> you allowed the cameras to be there for this. is it no holds barred? you're letting us see warts and all? >> i want you to see everything. >> will we get to see how you get the tan? >> you do. gym, tanning laundry is a way of life. >> and the hair.
8:45 am
so much more. bye, biggie, buy j rock. will you spin a little more for us? >> let's do it. coming up, wolfgang puck in the house. i'll bring you in a plate while you're at the turntable. see you. stay with us. >> look, say hi.
8:46 am
i bet they can't wait to bite my chocolaty ears off.
8:47 am
whoa. wait a minute where'd you guys come from? edible arrangements bouquets beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious. pineapple bunnies? visit, call, or go to a hungry crowd can us. spring is here. good time all the way around.
8:48 am
we have two perfect. we have wolfy into the mood. we have two perfect dishes. i heard about a new app you have. >> a new app. you can get the recipes. the video. you can see it. it's not x-rated. it's all good. >> we see it right there. all right. >> that's our restaurant, cut. and i have a new sous chef here today. that's oliver. >> hi. >> your son is adorable. he loves to cook. he loves vegetables. he's taking over. >> lamb is a big hit for easter. >> we have a leg of lamb. i'm going to make a little east west potion here. soy sauce, a little bit of honey. a little chili, a little bit of scallions and garlic.
8:49 am
now, we mix it all together. and, we pour it over our lamb. so, the soy sauce gives it flavor and obviously the chili and garlic, too. it tenderizes the meat. yeah, yeah, this is the same thing here. >> good eye, oliver. good eye. >> you let that sit for about three hours. >> three hours? >> and we make a sauce with pine nuts, a little bit of mint, cilantro, parsley, a little oregano, mustard, salt, and a little bit of yogurt. >> that's a nice touch. i didn't see that coming. >> and a little honey. >> never too much honey. >> you're right. you have the sweet and sour. look what we have here.'s cold . we put a little oil.
8:50 am
all right. and now you can do that. we're going to -- more oil. and you have a vinaigrette here. >> very simple. don't be intimidated by it. >> it's easy. and the lamb, you pat it dry. we're going to put it on the grill here. look at that. just like that. or you can bake it in the oven. >> how long? >> this will take about an hour and a half in the oven or the grill. >> and this is your grill. i got one in the deals and steals. it's fantastic. >> we love vegetables. oliver loves them. he likes asparagus and carrots and everything. >> i'm working the grill.
8:51 am
>> you're doing a great job. >> we're going to throw all the vegetables together. tomatoes, olives. a little bit of lemon juice. balsamic vinegar. oliver, you want to stir this here? don't drop it. all right. >> way to go, oliver. >> it's healthy and delicious. okay while you're stirring, okay. >> a nice dish there. >> and you can add a little feta cheese, goat cheese to it. so it's simple. and while we're serving that. how is the meat here? >> it's perfect, perfect. >> oh. look what we did. >> stand back, oliver, stand back. stand back, man. >> oh, josh! >> oh, no.
8:52 am
>> look at this -- >> how do you cut the meat here? >> we cooked it medium rare. the way you like it. i don't like it too cooked. taste the meat. >> i'm excited. >> oh. wolf gang. >> that is good. >> the seasoning. >> i like it, it's a little greek. >> a little greek, a little japan. we're all one big world. we mix it together. >> yeah! >> don't worry about the machinery. good thing you're an anchorman, not a chef. >> and the anniversary of spago. >> 30 years already.
8:53 am
it's crazy. we're going remodel. say hello to mom. >> you can get his daddy's recipes on our website, fw i was paying too much with cable. paying so much, you want better quality. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. for the amount of money that i'm paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. get verizon fios tv, internet and phone with our best price online: just $94.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing. i was just in a...trance watching it. i'm discovering new channels every day. [ male announcer ] sign up with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and pick your bonus: hbo and cinemax for 12 months... or $250 back. fios internet...the speed, you can't compare. i'm able to take care of things much faster now. [ male announcer ] get fios online: $94.99 a month, guaranteed for two years...
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♪ get crazy, get wild our thanks to deejay pauly d. >> you don't have to hit the treadmill. you're working out for a few hours. well done. >> our thanks to wolfgang and oliver. great job today. >> say thank you. >> you're welcome. >> good morning, america. thanks. >> have a good day, everyone. ♪ now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
8:57 am
accurate by weatherate. good morning. and happy thursday to you. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and it's dry. we have all five sweeps on and it will stay that way throughout the day. we are looking at blues on the maps especially into pennsylvania. and in york adams county and lancaster county dark colored blues have a freeze watch that will go into effect this evening into tomorrow morning. so bring in those tender vegetation and those plants because we will drop below freezing the freezing degree mark there. now right now, temperatures coming in 56 degrees in baltimore 57 in easton and these temperatures are well above average. look how windy it is right now. these are the sustained winds at about 15 to 20 miles an hour and high pressure in behind the cold front and we have low pressure deparring and that's why we are dealing with the windy conditions. as we go through the day we will stay dry and the next chance for showers work their way in here friday night into saturday morning. let's check the traffic with angela good morning.
8:58 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. it is a headache for those traveling on i-70 right now. eastbound we have an accident with injuries and about one mile before you reach 695. we are blocking one lane now which is good news considering the damage has been done. as you can see from the live shot traffic very slow getting by and a major backup. if you plan to travel eastbound i-70 you may want to get off on 29 southbound and head to baltimore national pike getting you over to the beltway sooner. in the meantime, traveling in the city police have shut down biddle street closed between greenmount and brentwood with fire activity and a live look at west side of 695 not too bad here at baltimore national pike. thanks fortuning in. and keep it on abc2 --
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